Registered Nurse (RN) in Olney Springs, CO at Integrated Resources, Inc

Date Posted: 5/16/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Description

The Registered Nurse (RN) plans and provides comprehensive nursing care including, but not limited to, executing Licensed Independent Providers orders, dispensing and administering medications, and assisting Licensed Independent Provider in examinations and treatment of patients. Applies nursing and supervisory techniques required in the care, treatment and referrals of inmates/residents. Performs all technical/clinical procedures within the Product of his/her education and licensure. *Apply appropriate nursing skills in the area and treatment of inmates/residents. *Attend sick call with the physician to see inmates/residents; prepare a list of inmates/residents to be examined; prepare examining room and equipment. *Operate pill call, dispense medication and document as required by applicable policies and/or procedures. *Call the Licensed Independent Providers for medication and treatment orders, and/or other emergencies. *Examine and assess new inmates/residents with illnesses or injuries or inmates/residents who become ill or injured; refer inmates/residents to the emergency room or other appropriate healthcare facility as required by their condition. *Perform emergency procedures as needed and notify Licensed Independent Provider for treatment orders. *Assist in coordinating professional medical services provided by contract personnel and seeing that their needs are addressed.

Graduate from an accredited college, university or nursing program with a degree/diploma in nursing. Must possess current licensure in the state of employment. One year of professional nursing experience preferred. A valid driver's license is required.

English( Speak, Read, Write )

Certifications & Licenses:
Call the Licensed Independent Providers for medication and treatment orders, and/or other emergencies
Perform emergency procedures as needed and notify Licensed Independent Provider for treatment orders
Registered Nurse

*Monitor, as directed, inmate/resident inpatient hospitalizations for early releases whenever appropriate. *Provide guidance, supervise and monitor nursing care provided by licensed vocational/practical nursing staff and non-licensed medical staff. *Maintain a good working relationship with facility staff, nursing staff, contract providers and outside provider agencies. *Utilize established corporate, facility and correctional policies and procedures in making decisions, but use sound independent judgment in meeting the responsibilities and performing the duties of the position. *Regularly evaluate the provision of medical services to prevent the inappropriate use, or duplication of those services. *Maintain absolute security and confidentiality of all medical records. *Assist Health Service Administrator with the review of medical files to determine all provided services are documented. *Closely monitor all potential catastrophic illnesses. *Audit pharmacy use for adherence to formulary, as directed or required. *Comply with all applicable pharmacy laws, especially those covering controlled substances. *Observe and record inmate/resident behavior. *Inspect the medical unit for items that could be used as contraband by inmate/residents; securely store or safely dispose of supplies and equipment. *Provide health counseling and health education on individual or group basis, as required. *Assist Health Service Administrator to prepare and maintain a variety of standard narrative, statistical, summary and/or operational records, reports and logs, using appropriate grammar, to include filing, alphabetizing and labeling; properly process all reports and documents in a timely manner. *Read, analyze, comprehend and interpret medical and technical procedures, governmental regulations, legal and non-legal documents. *Review, process and respond (via corporate counsel) to lawsuits; attend court hearings, when necessary. *Evaluate and recommend physical safety requirements necessary to provide a safe working environment. *Facilitate, where applicable, NCCHC/ACA/JCAHO accreditation of the medical program by providing the required level of efficiency and approved, appropriate medical services. *Prepare and disseminate safety and accident reports as required by policies and procedures; take appropriate action in cases of serious and unusual incidents and emergencies. *Escort inmates/residents or coordinate the movement of inmates/residents to and from different areas for medical treatment. *Perform searches of people and objects capable of concealing contraband, which will involve detecting and identifying objects. *Engage in functions in confined areas that include such things as working rotating shifts and physically checking the doors, windows and other areas to verify they are secure. *Take appropriate action to prevent or diffuse potentially disruptive situations. *Perform rescue functions at accidents, emergencies and disasters to include administering basic emergency medical aid, securing and evacuating people from confined areas.

City: Olney Springs

Start Date: 04/26/2021
Schedule Notes: Must be flexible between day/night shifts 12 hour shifts, 3 days/week - may have 4 shifts in a week based on interest and availability of overtime 13 week initial duration
Hours Per Week: 40.00
Hours Per Day: 8.00
Days Per Week: 5.00


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